Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Vintage tools: Stanley #71 & #71 1/2 router plane restoration - part 2

Today the planes knobs as well as the wood soles received their shellac coats.
For the knobs, I used a crew as an handle to be able to dip it in shellac so to avoid any brush mark, that worked very well.

I used a screw to dip the knobs in shellac.

After three coats the the knobs were looking pretty good and went back to were they should be.

The knobs attached back to their plane.

While waiting for the soles to dry I gave a look to the blades that were coming with the planes. On was provided with a 1/4" blade the other with a 7/8" blade.

The planes blades. Top one is from the #71,
bottom one from the #71 1/2, I need more!

Both were totally dull and needed a good sharpening. I spent half an hour playing with the blades on my wet stones, hopefully they will be sharp enough, will see when everything will be mounted back on the planes.
I was able to find a depth rod/stop assembly for the #71 on eBay at a reasonable price. I am always amazed to see how much some people are asking for such small parts like depth rods. When I see one offered for 50$ or 60$ I just want to run... or cry. Sometimes the price is fair but shipping cost totally indecent.
I still have to find a depth adjustment wheel for the #71 1/2. On that plane the depth adjustment threaded rod has a small nick on the threads and I want to use a die to clean the thread. After measuring it, I found out that the diameter is a 1/4" with a 24NF thread, what of course I do not have in my die and tap set. One more thing to find!

SAE 24NF thread, perfect match.

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