Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Some woodworking now!

After so much time spent on vintage tools time has come for some "real" woodworking.
I like to work on many projects at the same time so I can jump from one to another and do not get fed up. On the other hand, each project is taking longer to deliver but I am not doing this for a living so this is no problem for me, maybe more a problem for my wife :) 

At of today my two ongoing projects are a small wall mirror cabinet for our master bedroom bathroom and some drawers for my shop (my shop is work in progress like a lot of things).

A drawer will go right up there.
For the drawers I choose to use some poplar.  I never worked with this wood before but read some appealing comments about it and I like the wood patterns so I will give it a try.

A poplar board intended to become my drawers face.
For the drawer face assembly I plan to make some box joins with protruding tenons inspired by Greene & Greene style. I used the word "inspired" as I am not arrogant enough to say that I will build anything in the Greene & Greene legacy anytime soon.

What I plan for the drawer face.
Drawing does not show protruding tenons.

The mirrored wall cabinet I am trying to build was inspired by something I saw on a woodworking magazine. Instead of having an hinged door I will use drawer slides so the mirror frame slides to reveal the cabinet interior. 

The face frame that will receive the mirror.
The slides behind the frame.

I already built the cabinet main part a while ago. Now it s time to tackle the mirror frame that will slide.
There will be a box frame below the mirror frame that will need to be as much high as the cabinet interior and the drawer slides.

Cabinet plus slides = 1"1/4
The wood pieces are 1"1/2 wide so I will need to plan them and remove 1/4".

1"1/2 wide, will need to plane this.

I started to mark the line to plane to using a wheeled marking gauge.

Marking the line before planning.
Now that all lines are marked, tomorrow will be plane day!

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