Thursday, March 14, 2019

A bit about me...

As I thought that leaving an empty profile was not really very appealing I just completed it with some more info about me. I am not very keen to talk about myself so I did my best.

In no way I would pretend to be a highly skilled woodworker and I am just learning more and more everyday. I do not like the term "self learner" as at the end we always learn from somebody else but this is the best term I know to qualify the way I am. I cannot stand a classroom and when listening to someone, the information does not find its way to my brain. I like to read, think, do my own research and experiment and doing that make me think a lot about what I intend to do or learn and allow me to find my way. I won't say it is a good way or a bad way of getting knowledge... it is just my way.

Now this brings me to the goal of this blog. The intend is obviously not to talk about myself but to share my progression path, my experiments, my work and how and what I learned so to benefit to anybody else that would follow a similar path. As an example lets take the posts about the miter box I just restored. If I would not have found information about it before buying it, I would never have been able to find out if this one was complete or missing parts. By sharing this I may give back some information I was lucky to get.

Hopefully all this will be of any value for someone, this will make my day.

Now enough, back to the real subject of this blog.


  1. Glad to be reading your stuff. Welcome to the blogging world - I enjoyed your posts about the router planes and hope to see more from you in the future.

    1. Thank you for your comments Matt, very much appreciated, this is good motivation to keep posting.

      Best Regards,

      Your devoted Wood Butcher.