Thursday, April 4, 2019

Workbench drawers - Ship laping

Now that my Record 778 is setup I need to finish rabbets needed to assemble the drawer bottom. First I finished to cut the side rabbets to slide all boards between sliders and middle batten.

All side rabbets cut.
Then I cut the rabbets for the ship lap assembly. Each board has a rabbet cut from the top on one side and a rabbet cut on the bottom on the other side.

Rabbet cut from the top face.

One rabbet cut from the top, the other from the bottom.
The Record 778 is very nice to use. With the dual arms the fence does not rake at all, and after having sharpened it, it now cuts very well, I like it.
One hour later all boards have been rabbeted and ready for a dry fit.

View from drawer bottom...

... and from the inside.
I now need to bring the last board (at the top on the picture) to the correct side. Considering that I just need to remove half an inch or so I will plane the boards instead of sawing them. This will be first thing to do tomorrow. I will also plane the drawer bottom interior so very thing is well flat and I will also plane a bead between each board where they overlap to make the join nicer.

Before doing the final assembly I will apply finish on each board as it will be easier to apply if the boards are not jointed. The interior finish will consist in a coat of high grade nano penetrating polymerized protection that I elaborated after years of research in laboratory (a simple 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil and turpentine), then a NASA approved molecular statoresistant layer of protection (a.k.a. shellac).

Stay tuned!


  1. Nicely done, Lionel. I'm glad the #778 was working well for you. I remember my own troubles with a #778 when I was making some picture frames a couple years ago. It's such a relief to get past that. I'm looking forward to seeing how the bottom boards look with the bead detail.

    1. Thank you Matt. I read your post about the 778 and it was great inspiration for me like many of your posts.