Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A man, a plane: Christmas day!

Yesterday, back from a hard working day I found this in my mail:

What the heck is this?

I was wondering what was inside and found this:

A box that contains a box, someone must be kidding me.

So I opened the second box...

A box full of foam, damned it!

Hidden in the middle of the foam I found this:

Someone is sending me a ball of paper, what the...?

But finally, the treasure was revealed:

Santa sent me this shiny Cadillac!

Ok it is not Santa, not really, but still! Ralph, The Accidental Woodworker in his infinite generosity sent me the Millers Falls #9 that he restored. And he did a heck of a job!

Look at that shiny sole!

No need to say how much grateful I am to Ralph for such a gift, it will have a central place in my shop without a doubt!

Some more Millers Falls porn.

Ralph, you are THE man, low hat and much much thank you!

After minor settings I put it to test.

First shavings

And to satisfy everybody's thirst for shavings here is more details (beware Matt, lot of emotions below :) )

Nice thin shaving...
...close up (18+ years old only)

I love my Millers Falls planes!


  1. Ralph is that way, you've joined the club. Congrats.


  2. Very nice! Safe to say most of us are over 18 to legally enjoy the shavings porn ...

  3. Heh, speak for yourself Matt, I'm still a youngster Dontchunow :-)
    Way to go Ralph