Thursday, November 7, 2019

Another drawer and a real project

After having built my supports for drills and braces I am back to my backlog of work, and the first item that came was to make a drawer like my first one.

But before coming to this, some great news! I received a command from my wife. She asked me to build a new TV stand for her sister new TV. I have a month and a half to complete this as we want to give it to her during Christmas time. After having thought about that for the last few days and changed my mind multiple times, my sick brain came up with this plan:

The TV stand first draft.

I still need to set my ideas things like legs shape and how I will attach them to the apron but this is the design I have in mind. It will be triangular as the stand will go in a corner of her living room. There will be a shelf mid height so she can put her cable receiver and dvd player there.

More to come about this later but now back to the drawer. I like to work on drawers, I feel restful when I work on a drawer, don't ask me why, as I said I have a sick brain.

As usually I started by cutting all pieces to length then marked the face and side to cut the box joins I will use for the assembly. This time I directly saw the waste without making any kerf, in fact I now find this easier and faster. Also for my first drawer I did some cut side by side and chopped out the waste but this time I have something better, now I have a coping saw!

Using the coping saw to cut out the waste.

Using that saw is far quicker than chopping the waste using a chisel. However I need to practice to be able to cut as close as possible to the bottom line to make the cleanup even faster.
I was first using the blade that came with the saw when I got it but soon...

Broken saw blade. That blade did not seem
to be of high quality anyway.

But as I am often planning ahead, I got a set of replacement blades along with the saw.

The replacement blades I got

I have no knowledge about coping saw blades but these look much better than the original blade and cutting far better too.

Waste cleaned

I have been very surprise this time by the density of that poplar board. The previous I used was pretty soft but this one is the total opposite and is quite hard. I was not expecting such a difference.
Nevertheless, after a while I was done with the face joinery.

Joinery for the drawer face done.

Next I will do the same for the rear and I will turn to the drawer bottom but now it is time for a cold one.


  1. Pegas are great blades, among the best. However, being thin and narrow they can get hot enough to soften and break. Especially in hardwood. Take it easy, watch out for how hot the blade get. Let it cool off and carry on. Coping saw blade not as bad as fret saw blades obviously, but keep a watch on the heat buildup. Saw lubricant, wax are of some help.


    1. Thank you for the advice Bob! I do not know what was the brand of the original blade but it was dull and so soft that it was bending when sawing but the replacement ones are stiffer and narrower.