Monday, February 10, 2020

Project delivered

Finally, it is done. Last weekend my TV stand project was delivered and made my sister in law happy.
Here are some pictures of the final result.

Front view.

Top side finish.

In place.
This has been a very nice and interesting project that allowed me to learn many things.
In summary the lessons learned are the following:

  • Full size drawing - Having a full size plan of what needs to be done provide a way to quickly check measurement. Also direct measurement is less prone to calculation error.
  • Avoiding blushing on pine wood - I found my recipe of Shellac mix and application and it is very effective. This is the first time I was able to easily get no blushing when applying the stain.
  • Staining - Very easy to stain using a piece cotton rag instead of a brush. This has the benefit to leave no mark.
  • Finish - Here again I found my recipe for wiping varnish and was able to get a pretty decent finish. Add a coat or two of beeswax and some buffing to get the shine I wanted. Also start finishing early in a project and before assembling parts when possible. It is far easier to finish a piece set flat on a table than after having assembled it. 
  • Router plane - This is a handy tool that makes very easy to get precisely sized tenons.
  • Mortise by hand - Cutting mortises by hand is easier than I originally thought when you use a sharp chisel and the right.
  • Lamination - Be very careful at wood orientation when laminating boards so the wood fibers are all on the same direction. Doing this ease a lot planing the surface.
  • Spokeshave - Are handy tools very nice to use when creating round shapes.
  • Sawyer bench - This is so enjoyable to saw long board using a sawyer bench. The position is perfect and makes very easy to saw straight.
  • Don't rush - Take the time to think before doing something so to properly plan it ahead. If any issue, step back and think instead of rushing to try to fix it as it will just worsen it.
  • Gluing - Always have your gluing sequence repeated before starting, always have all the clamps and tools ready and reachable, always have a bunch of damp cloth nearby.
This is a lot of good experience that I will certainly apply to the next project.
For now I will be tackling some more shelves for my workshop so to properly store my planes that are resting on the workbench and taking too much space.


  1. I was thinking about this and it was worth the wait. Congrats on a great looking TV stand.

  2. Well done! Bravo

    Bob, weathering storms after storms (??)

  3. Very nice work, Lionel and that shellac finish is outstanding. Mine never turns out that well.

    1. Thank you Stephen!
      The finish is not shellac. I used a diluted mix of white and amber shellac to seal the bare wood and prevent stain blushing.
      For the finish I applied 5 coat of my homemade wiping varnish recipe and then used beeswax to buff it.

  4. Congratulations, Lionel. The piece looks great. Like the others, I love the look of the finish.

    1. Thank you Matt, so much congratulations are putting expectations high for my next project, I need to be careful :D